Sirjan salt company: was established 1983 by a team of innovative industrialist who had more than 20 years of experience in mining industry.

The company is active in mining refining as well as production. The company utilities k.k (kafe Kheyr Abad) water salt mine in Sirjan, harvesting salt from large pool, build over an area of 200 acres, containing salt foundation.

The saturate salt solution collected from the pools, after rainfalls, is free of insoluble salts.

The dilation is then directed into tanks where it’s baked under the sun, changing it into salt crystals with 98% purity.

These crystals which contain no more than 3 to 4 percent moisture are then collected by a special process and stored near the mine for later delivery.

Subsidiaries: S S Co. has two salt production factories.

Parsa & Rifan salt factory: This Company has a salt refining factory with a daily capacity of 200 tons of different type of refined salt. It was established in 2000 on an area of 60,000 square meters and a total under roof area of 8,000 square meters and equipped with foreign-made machinery which completely refines the salt and upon adding potassium iodide and other allowed anti-cakes, products 500-g, 700-g and 1000-g pack as well as 25-k and 35-k bags which are offered to the domestic market under the brand of Rifan & Parsa refined and iodide salt. This salt has a purity grade of at least 99.3 percent which is exported to the world markets in different package. it is noteworthy that is company carries operation license from ministry of industries , manufacture license from ministry of Health  and license for applying stand emblem from nation standard institute of Iran standard, while also holding the first ISO_9002 certificate.

Why Rifan refined salt?

The ordinary salt is directly packaged and offered to the marked after explosion of the salt mountains it contains non-edible materials resulting from the silica sulphates, magnesium and gypsum which are responsible for dangerous diseases as well as kidney stone.